Patrick Lemmon

Patrick Lemmon

Immediate Past President

Violence Prevention & Evaluation Consultant Portland, OR

For nearly 30 years, Patrick has been striving to create the world he wants to live in — one in which gender equity is a reality, and gendered violence is only a memory. Whether helping male students in high school or college to create their own insights about what it means to be a man, supporting prevention educators in developing and evaluating their programming, or working with communities to decide how to move from vision to action in ending violence, his focus is on aspirational and positive efforts that affirm the role that each of us can play.

In addition to his role on the PCAR board, Patrick runs a consulting practice that offers program planning, training, financial management, and evaluation services for nonprofit and public organizations across the country. Before moving to Portland, OR from Washington, DC, he spent 10 years as a co-founder and Executive Director of Men Can Stop Rape. During Patrick’s tenure, Men Can Stop Rape grew from an all-volunteer effort to an award-winning international violence prevention organization with a million-dollar budget and eight staff. During his time in Portland, Patrick was also founding co-chair of the Men’s Engagement Subcommittee for the Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force. He continues to serve as a member of the Task Force subcommittees for Men’s Engagement and for Prevention and Education.

When he’s not working or volunteering, Patrick is an avid poker player. He would love to tell you about his “Poker as Prevention” workshop or to play a few hands with you.

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